Corpus Christi Veneers and Implants

Flouride and Sealants

Our practice recommends sealants and flouride for all of our young patients. 
Because of flourides, our children and adult patient's have achieved a dramatic reduction in tooth decay.  We see it every day in our office and it reaffirms our belief in preventative dentistry.  However, there are many benefits in the use of flouride for people of all ages.  The benefits for adults are just as great as for our children.  Flouride can help repair an early cavity, even before it's become visible in the mouth, by rebuilding the enamel layer of the tooth.  Flouride is also helpful in older adults, to help solve the problem of cavities in the tooth root or root sensitivity.
Sealants are a clear plastic resin coating, like nail polish, that forms a physical barrier to oxygent.  Sealants "starve" the bacteria that cause tooth decay.  We apply sealants on the back teeth where pits and grooves typically form and are impossible to keep free from plaque and food particles.
Do sealants work?  In a word, yes.  One study-among hundreds-shows 95% of the tested children with treated teeth were cavity-free after 5 years. 
All children, when permanent teeth are beginning to erupt, are good candidates for sealants.  Sealants will prevent about 80% of the cavities a typical child might encounter with untreated teeth. 
On top of that, sealants are quick, painless, and in most cases, llast for years.